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Bean Cursor

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What is Bean Cursor?

Bean Cursor is a cloud-based accounting application designed for a single entity or multi-entity use that manages your accounting, finances and business performance anytime and anywhere intuitively and seamlessly.

If you are put in charge of more than one legal entity’s finance processes and wish to use a single platform to manage all entities’ financials – we have the right solution for you.

With Bean Cursor, you manage accounting and finances for single or multiple entities in a single cloud platform. You can cross billing, receipts and payments and funds transfer.

Financial performance can be managed and tracked on a standalone or combined basis – this helps boost your productivity by more than 50%.

Integrated with Microsoft Power BI, the cloud accounting application unifies financial data from various modules with Bean Cursor (i.e. customers, vendors, banks and financials), and present finance team with dashboards and visual reports.

With this data visualisation tool, you can use overview, drill-down and time intervals capabilities to access to insights how your organisation is performing at any time

From Practice Management to Bean Cursor

For every approved invoice in the Practice Management, it sends a notification to Bean Cursor and automatically records the journal entries in the general ledger.

From Bean Cursor to Practice Management

Whenever the Finance Team updates the receipt for a workflow invoice (recorded in the Bean Cursor), it sends a notification to the Practice Management to update that the payment status of the workflow invoice (i.e. partially paid or paid in full).

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bean inoicing

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